Delta pilots, emptied the fuel that falls on a school says no controllers before Maneuver

The pilot of a Delta flight to say an emergency landing conducting air traffic controllers not before draining fuel, on Tuesday at different schools of Los Angeles falling into liquidation, aviation officials said on Thursday. “A review of air traffic control communications yesterday, Delta Flight 89 crew shows no air traffic control said that they needed fuel depot”, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement sent to time by E-mail. Pilots usually warn air traffic controllers when they feel they need to fuel storage, a process that is sometimes made of a plane to reduce weight before an emergency landing for safety reasons. After a recording of the conversation between a plane and pilot traffic controller air 89 from and CNN reports said a pilot explicitly that he or she did not have fuel depot Tower: “OK, so it is not necessary for maintain or landfill? -Fuel or something “pilot like this:” Uh, negative, “in addition, pilots can not have fuel depot” at an optimal level, “which would allow the fuel to dissipate before reaching the ground, said the FAA. If circumstances permit, the controller can direct to an area where safer to perform the maneuver pilots needs a fuel stock. But in an emergency situation, it is ultimately up to the drivers to do what they believe is necessary for the safety of their aircraft and those on board. If the fuel depot was justified because in a situation of Tuesday, the aircraft’s position and the position will be on the investigation into the incident it is of central importance. Delta Air Lines declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. A Delta spokesman said earlier that the plane “landed safely after a release of fuel, which was requested as part of the normal process of obtaining a safe landing weight.” Delta Air Lines Flight 89 en route from Los Angeles to Shanghai was had, and ended just 15 minutes after officials had said at 11:47 on Tuesday the launch, the international airport of Los Angeles. Fuel discharged from planes in five elementary schools and one high school has fallen and firefighters treated 60 people for minor injuries, officials said, according to CNN. No one was following the accident in the hospital. “The students and staff of the playground had to be sprayed at the time and the fuel or vapors inhaled”, said a spokesman for the Los Angeles Unified School District in an earlier statement.