Why is it so low mortality rate in Germany Crown?

With more than 63,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19-March 30 Germany is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, according to official statistics. But only 560 people known to the disease by the new coronavirus causes suffering, he died there, along with only 0.9% in Germany lethality. This gives Germany one of the lowest rates in the world, it is to make an outlier compared to places like Italy, where 11.0% of the patients died of the disease confirmed and even in the United States, which has a rate 1.8%, According to experts in Germany mortality is due to its diffusion testing to a minimum. “A more extensive testing strategy in selected countries examined very symptomatic cases performed (eg Germany) (eg in Italy) and others will,” writes Dr. Dietrich Roth Bacher, director of the Institute of Epidemiology at the ‘ University of Ulm, Germany, in an e-mail to TIME. This means that while Germany is currently the country with the fifth most infections worldwide, it is likely that it has reported fewer cases than many other countries in which the tests get harder. “Among the countries, there are several reasons why the death rate can vary, but they are very small compared to the impact of how to make a lot of people to test,” says Dr. Liam Smeeth, professor of clinical epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “Germany is experiencing very quickly rolled to a large number of people, depending on the population.” As of March 15, Germany was behind only the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Australia as the country most of the tests in the world per capita, administered are about 2,023 per million people. (In South Korea, the only country where the pandemic is at an advanced stage similar to Germany, is the lethality around 1.6%.) On March 20, Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute-Germany major public health authorities are the German laboratories are now able, some 160,000 tests per week, to accomplish the most in the whole two months to March 15 date with our crown newsletter every day from here keep running pace. In January, Germany was among the first countries to develop a reliable method to check COVID-19 Free from central authority of restrictive regulations, such as those used in the health sector at the state level in Germany, private companies on the move these tests quickly to mass production, which means it could be rolled rapidly to the population. At least 1.4 million of the test were distributed around the world by the World Health Organization by the end of February by a German company based in Berlin. Meanwhile, in the US, the Food and Drug Administration stalled. He did allow some large companies, until early March to make their own tests, leading to a shortage. “Why is Germany so quickly rolled evidence of how the epidemic grew, meant that they were selective rather mild cases to identify,” says Smeeth TIME. Countries without such capabilities have been forced to try to prioritize serious cases, while mild cases undiagnosed and therefore should not be included in the official data. “It will be, the more cases you locate the lowest mortality rate,” said Smeeth. Although the populations of Germany and Italy similar average age, you-are, the two older nations are infected in the EU the average age of the population in Germany known COVID-19 is low: 46 in contrast to Italy 63. Smeeth says the lower the average age is likely to be just a side effect of widespread testing. “If you are testing more people, then you will get a distribution of a much younger age of the positive cases,” said Smeeth. “It ‘does not necessarily mean that the true age distribution of the virus between the two countries is completely different.” Germany also has a high number of beds for intensive care, its importance hospitals have not yet overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients in the same way some hospitals in northern Italy. is published according to a document in 2012, Germany had 29.2 places intensive care beds per 100,000 people more than twice Italy 5.12. (In the US, it is even higher, 34.2). And these beds are currently only 70-80% occupied, according to Germany, the German Hospital Federation (DKG), an organization of hospital operators. “This means it’s enough capacity for seriously ill patients Crown”, says the DKG on their website. But in Germany the relatively low number of deaths will not last even if the relationship is the case. COVID-19 can leave the patient severely ill weeks before, and the earth is to kill at an earlier stage than in Italy in terms of disease transmission. “We in Germany are at an early stage of the pandemic,” Roth says Bacher. “Fatality Figures always have a delay in two or three weeks, the numbers look different.” Please send any suggestions, cables and [email protected] stories.