Sub-Action cost me my job. ‘Amazon fires worker strike Led Crown

Chris Smalls, an Amazon fulfillment center employees, said the company fired him after leading a strike in a warehouse in Staten Island, New York via the crown safely. “The action cost me my job,” Smalls said Monday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “Because I tried to stand up for something, that’s right, the company decided to take revenge against me.” A group of fulfillment center workers orders Staten Island went to ask Amazon work on Monday shut down the plant for cleaning longer, the latest in a wave of virus-related protests. It is said that a number of their colleagues have been diagnosed with COVID-19 The organizers say they have participated more than 60 workers complaining. In a statement on Monday evening, the so-called Attorney General of New York Letitia James Smalls’ Burn, immoral and inhuman. ‘The James urged the National Labor Relations Board to investigate the incident and said that his office’ to consider is all legal options “as well. Amazon has confirmed fired Smalls and said it violated the safety regulations, including failing to think of a 14-day quarantine is required, after being exposed to a confirmed case of Covid-19 to an employee. “Mr. Smalls several warnings for breach of social distancing policies and puts the safety of others are compromised. “Amazon said in a statement. Smalls” was asked to stay for 14 days at home with pay, which at sites around the world it is a measure we take. Despite this statement stay home with pay, he, on March 30, was on site today the team in danger. “Smalls called the request made by the company” ridiculous “and said it was revenge against his activism. Federal law protects the right of workers to take collective action, including strike action involved to protest working conditions.” I will continue to fight for the people inside the building, “he said. Amazon has also denied the number of employees involved in the protest, it would be 15 more than 5,000 employees in the place Staten Island.” How to fight all enterprises with the crown pandemic course, we are working hard, keeping employees safe while using the communities and the most vulnerable, “the company said. -With the help of Emily Chang and Omar Kasrawi.