During his self-isolation decided a Frenchman, running a marathon on his small balcony

Now there is no excuse for this to skip the home side. Elisa Nochomovitz, a 32-year-old restaurant workers furloughed in Toulouse, France, was reportedly the distance of a marathon rounding his small, seven-meter balcony running. According to France Bleu Nochomovitz had signed the Barcelona Marathon on March 15 and running and the Paris Marathon, on April 5, but if both were canceled due to the risk of COVID-19 with the new coronavirus causes disease, he no, they can not stop it. While not leave the house with a settlement of 15 days from the French government to self-isolation liability, unless the travel essential, Nochomovitz decided the race must go on. He ran the 26.2 miles of a marathon from his balcony during the period of 6 hours lapping to 48 minutes, much to the amusement of his neighbors, according to Huffington Post Canada. videos made by Nochomovitz early performance on the Internet. “I wanted to bring something playful to contain,” said Huffington Post France. “” I have seen images of people from their homes to go out for a jog. But if everyone does the same thing, we’re all out in the end. “From Saturday morning Eastern time, France had confirmed at least 12,483 confirmed cases of the virus and 450 deaths, according to a tracker from Johns Hopkins University. Nochomovitz is reportedly an experienced runner who already 36 marathon before this race. He Huffington Post said France, which is not disturbed by the long race time, he added: “Part of my goal was to kill as much as possible.”