Amazon says it lost money during the Crown as it increases spending on logistics and safety at work

Amazon says it lost money during the Crown as it increases spending on logistics and safety at work CEO Jeff Bezos usually the company uses the earnings report the benefits of Alexa or glorify Prime benefits. Thursday ‘, told investors hold tight, sailed as his company “the most difficult time we’ve ever experienced.” The largest US online retailer saw profits shrink and said it could result in a loss in the current quarter as forces to be performed during the crown of pandemic logistics spending smoothly. “Under normal circumstances, the next Q2, one would expect a bit ‘of $4 billion or more to make the operating result,” Bezos said in a statement on Thursday Amazon report results. “But these are not normal circumstances. However, we expect that all of these $4 billion, and perhaps a little ‘more Covid expenses related to getting products to customers and keep employees safe from spending.” The operating profit of $1.5 billion to a loss of $1.5 billion could reach the quarter ending in June, the company based in Seattle, said. He predicts a potential loss has an austere note on the financial results presented that thrive built a company’s success, when shopping online is the only option for many buyers. Sales, a close monitoring metric, rose by 32% in the first quarter. This is the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2012. The trends crown pandemic in the long term in favor of Amazon and online shopping, and more brick and mortar store accelerated weakening. The company, which has priority essential storage assets, is one of the few major retailers, the continued relatively normal in the work of the crisis. And, as expected, sales rose 26% to $75.5 billion in the quarter, the outbreak of Covid-19, which was $5.01 earnings of US income per share. The Bloomberg analysts on average estimated compiled $73.7 billion dollars in sales and a profit of $6.27 per share, according to data. The company, the second largest private employer in the United States after Wal-Mart has faced criticism from employees, unions and politicians who do not do enough workers for protection. Amazon has the rare step in the income statement, the security measures that summarize during the pandemic into force set – and their contribution to food banks, students and health workers – in his typical list bandied quarter of new products and services. Bezos said the crown stress of personal protective devices including spending, reinforced by warehouses and shops to promote clean and operational changes in social distancing. “It will protect this crisis for the distribution of the client and staff, continued for another month Ability to take, the humility, the invention and the money,” he said. “If you are a shareholder of Amazon, you can take a seat because they do not think small.” Amazon spokesman Dan Perlet decreased the number of cases Covid-19 in their ranks to reveal. Amazon and other major retailers on the web a sense of duty because they are so ingrained in people’s lives as a result of the pandemic, said Martin Garner CCS Insight. “You have to help a clear role in society. Amazon has taken a lot of negative publicity recently, so this Covid-19 will help you deal with mass issues, ” he said. Amazon major investment in new data centers expand its cloud computing business and the ability of the stock E-commerce extend his, which in the past has run paid to investors by revenue growth, but it is not clear that the case is with the spending in response to the pandemic, said Brian Yarbrough, an analyst with Edward D. Jones & Co. Amazon people is Covid-setting 19 to buy the tests and can be systems that provide long-term gains without the cost of ownership, has said cleaning the company he had earlier said that a frame of binge in mid-March and a temporary $2 per hour wage increase in risk for its hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers would end up costing about $700 million. In a conference call with reporters, he said Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky had 175,000 jobs in more for the aid application meet and occupied the place of refuge at the home of the worker. Amazon compliance costs increased 34% to $11.5 billion from the previous year. Shipping costs rose 49% to $10.9 billion. “They have a discontinuous history and investors have given them a lot of leeway because they are collected as a result, the benefits of investments, but this is a bit ‘more complicated,” said Yarbrough. “Some of these costs seem like they are going to stay, what is the profitability of the company in question.” Sales in stores Amazon physical category, which saves almost completely Whole Foods Market, an 8% increase to $4.6 billion purchased in the quarter, the largest increase since Amazon organic grocer in 2017, count does not include the online sales of whole foods, covering March rose as human beings and Amazon food distribution infrastructure overwhelmed. Olsavsky is not combined offer growth rate in sales for groceries Amazon, but said that the company had increased its capacity by 60% groceries delivered during the quarter. Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing units in recent years for most of the company’s operating income represented a turnover of $10.2 billion in 33%, slightly below analysts’ expectations. Amazon shares fell 4.5% in extended trading after the results. The stock closed at $2,474 in New York has closed and has jumped over 33% in 2020. Image copyright
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