Amazon buys naming rights for Seattle ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ promises to make first job Net Zero Carbon Certified Venue of the world

Amazon buys naming rights for Seattle ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ promises to make first job Net Zero Carbon Certified Venue of the world Inc. has purchased the naming rights to KeyArena in Seattle, the new home for the hockey team expansion of the city and the Seattle Storm WNBA, but the company will not put your name on it. The venue is called the climate Pledge Arena, an allusion to push Amazon will amount to net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Companies to it revealed the promise of last year, the company requires the objective of a decade before the ‘Paris agreement reached. The stadium is said that the first Arena in carbon zero certification network in the world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a post on Instagram. The site will “generate zero waste from operations and events, and rainwater recovered in the ice system to use to create the greenest ice of the NHL,” said Bezos. Come to Seattle: @ClimateArena, wait until zero net carbon to certified Arena world. In collaboration with Amazon, Oak View Group, and NHL Seattle, there will be a new sustainability bar for sports and events of the set area. #ClimatePledge – Amazon News (@amazonnews) June 25, 2020 The site, in collaboration with Oak View Group and the franchise Seattle NHL was not developed specifically to date. The team is scheduled for ice in the 2021-2022 season. The arena, which opened in 1962, completely renovated – to make some environmentally friendly. “Everyone likes to talk about his carbon neutral, but it is very difficult and very expensive,” said Tim Leiweke, CEO of Oak View. “We have tens of millions of dollars for these expenses. We try to follow set a precedent for others.” Leiweke said of musicians such as Billie Eilish was inspired, he pressed for arenas to reduce their carbon footprint, reducing plastic and integrating renewables. The sports facility is wholly or partially powered by energy from renewable sources, with solar cells. Tickets NHL and WNBA games will double as a free public transport and go to take fans renovated Seattle Center Monorail to be promoted. Leiweke reached in advance to take on Amazon with the Arena, as the company is the largest in the city work. Amazon was initially reluctant because he did not need help to promote his name, he said, but came to a focus on climate. Amazon’s service will also be integrated in the entire region, even in technology for the food and beverage and parking. “Amazon worldwide,” said Leiweke. The Arena also has a National Basketball Association team to meet the space, the league would want to go back to Seattle. The Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City before the 2008-2009 season, in the United States without an NBA team one of the largest cities to leave.
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